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The Official website of Los Texas Wranglers

Hello to all my friends that ride with me on UBER.
As we go into our 16th years together as Los Texas Wranglers we want to thank you for your continued support. We've recorded eight albums/cds with thirty four original songs by Julian Limon Fernandez. We also have had two original songs in two motion pictures. 1. Everything Must Go starring Will Farrell and 2. Snitch starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

    • Los Texas Wranglers are inductees to the South Texas Conjunto Association's "Hall of Fame" 2006.

We have received awards from the Austin Music Awards for 

  •         1Best Country/Bluegrass Band
  •         4 Best Latin Traditional Band
  •         2 Drummer of the Year; Julian L. Fernandez
  •        2 Accordionist of the Year; Mariano "Sonny" Trujillo Jr.

We too have been nominated at the Tejano Music Awards and cataloged 14 entries to the Latin Grammys.

Los Texas Wranglers are Country for breakfast, Cumbias for lunch, and Tejano for supper. Los Texas Wranglers dazzling female singers each with their own style of music: western boots, blue jeans, and Mexican vaquero outfits. When Las Wranglers dance, strut, sing, and stomp, you’re sure to have as much fun as the law allows.

 Los Texas Wranglers combine Texas-class vocals with multi-genre Tejano music, stunning costumes, precision choreography, a “blast-of-Tejano-Golden Oldies-Country Classics-and Good old Conjunto in the repertoire, and hilarious entertainment into a unique, dynamic and exciting show that never fails to leave audiences wanting more. In their home state of Texas, Los Texas Wranglers are legendary as a band that turns any event into an unforgettable experience. The best award winning Tejano Conjunto band west of the Mississippi...

        Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our website
       We are grateful that you visited our site. Even though it is not a dramatic piece of art with fancy lettering it is nonetheless
our own creation. We are first and foremost a Conjunto (musical group).  The word "Conjunto" is used in Texas for a certain
     genre of music. But, to the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, Conjunto means a gathering of folks joining together to 
    accomplish certain tasks.  With that being said, we are both. Our music is primarily Texas root music.
Whether in English or Spanish, County Music or Tex-Mex Music, we are proud to be Texans and state ambassadors of Texas Music throughout the world. 

Los Texas Wranglers creating memories since October 1999 

Contact Information
Julian L. Fernandez
2912 Govalle Ave
Austin, Texas 78702

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